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What on earth is a 3D biscuit?

Once again it was Wednesday and therefore #GBBO… Now you might say that I am taking this a bit too far and I say excuse me! I told you this is my world cup I was visiting a friend in London and we were gossiping over a glass or two when I casually mentioned “oh do you watch […]

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Go Go Gadget in the GBBO

Tv is amazing…… 2 days baking, 3 different cakes ,12 different people in the first show and all that is cut down to 60 minutes….. That is what I call compressed Zip file I can only imagine – well actually I can not but I pretend that I can – how the editing of that […]


The Great British Bake Off 2014

Tomorrow sees the return of the Great British bake off.. and of course The Tiny Tots are getting involved! Here Jeanette describes her excitement about the new series, and the events she has planned..  Ohhhh I am so excited, great british bake is my world cup! I will be heading to the bookies, betting on the winner and […]

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