Material Hair Salon

If you find yourself in need of a pamper and a hairdressing pick me up, I can offer a great deal with Material Hair Salon with childminding by The Tiny Tots. Let me tell you why I recommend it… Mixed Race Hair If you do not know me, I will start with describing my hair. […]

hands together for Bath mums

Parenting: where is the support?

In April the topic is parenting and how that effects you as a person and as a couple. And at The Tiny Tots we are really lucky that Cindy a Life Coach is coming along. This is Cindy’s own words on why and how. A great thanks to you Cindy. Over to Cindy: Being a parent requires […]

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Fathers in 2014

When I look at fathers in the public domain, it really dawns on me, how far parenting has come. From the strict gender stereotypical approach seen pre 1960s, we are moving towards an equality in regards to parenting. I know equal rights is not 100% there yet. Some feminists would probably jump out of their chair […]

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St. Patrick´s Day

St. Patrick´s Day is not very big in Denmark. Being Danish I really do not understand the way the Irish community is able to keep a tradition alive all over the world. I find it really amazing and I must admit I am a bit jealous. As a Dane I do have one tradition called fastelavn that […]

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The Tea Cup Appeal

For most parents to be pregnant is a happy occasion. Yes all of us that have gone through it are worried what if and with more and more information available one can actually build up a fear. During pregnancy the NHS provides you with a midwife who is there to guide you and inform you. You […]

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Babies first shoes

Suddenly they do it, they get that control over their small body, they stand up and walk across the room. You look at them in amazement, you hold your breath and you smile. It is a very small step – but so was the moon landing Then you realise after a couple of weeks that […]

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Photo competition in Bath

You have -of course- the most adorable child in the world. Why not show the world (the world being Bath, UK) and enter a Photo competition.   Spirit Contemporary Photography At the moment Spirit Contemporary Photography is having the “Little Spirit of 2014” Photo competition. It is for children up to 5 years and there are […]

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Danish cake

Danish Cakes, more Danish cakes and even more Danish cakes The past month I have indulged myself in baking Danish cakes for the mothers of Bath, UK. I love baking and it brings fun and lovely memories back to me and my childhood. I did have to call granny on some occasions – just to insure […]

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Danish dads at classes


The Tiny Tots, has been running since November and I really would like to thank everyone for all the support so far. I believe that 2014 will be really exciting year for the groups. Lots of things are happening. Up to now the mothers groups have been located in the centre of town running Wednesdays […]

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Reflect on 2013

I do not know about you however I like to reflect on live. And what better time to do that then when a year has finished. Birthdays 2013 was a really lovely year, at the same time it was a year where I had to consider my options for the future. I turned 40, my […]

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