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Wine Tasting at The Tiny Tots – Wednesday June 18th 2014

A Wine tasting session at a play group? Really? Well firstly The Tiny Tots Wednesday group is a mothers group where mothers have time to relax and chat whilst their small ones play. There are no big cars or push toys. We encourage the children to play with motor skills enhancing toys and explore their bodies […]

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Little ones love the outdoors and being close to their parents so camping is brilliant!

Camping with a one year old!

A few years ago, before I became pregnant, we bought a tent big enough for a family.  It is really big; two huge bedrooms (one for us, one for the kids, not the actual sleeping arrangements we ended up with!) and a living space you can stand up in (which even as a childless person […]

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Travelling with children

I really believe I have tried it all as a woman and a mother. Bike, boat, car, train, plane. I have not yet been on a balloon ride but I would say I am a very well and established traveller with one or more children - my own, friends’ and my sister’s. I have laughed, cried, used […]

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The way children learn is a constant debate amongst parents and professionals. A lot of it is based on different research approaches. The difference in the outcome of this research is based on the cultural assumption of what learning is and what is the best ways of learning. In Scandinavia the belief is that outdoor play and longer […]

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“It is not the weather that is the problem…” How many times have your parents told you that? Or maybe it’s just a Danish saying. At one time I had the audacity to suggest that we should use an umbrella. The response was “so, someone is made of sugar, hmmm?” with that very raised eyebrow […]

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Cuts and brushes

Motor skills

Almost 21 years ago I gave birth to my first child. I was 20 years old and king of the world – I was a rebel and I knew it all When my lovely girl was born on the 18th August 1993 I actually got a bit worried. She was so tiny – just 3000 […]

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Material Hair Salon

If you find yourself in need of a pamper and a hairdressing pick me up, I can offer a great deal with Material Hair Salon with childminding by The Tiny Tots. Let me tell you why I recommend it… Mixed Race Hair If you do not know me, I will start with describing my hair. […]

hands together for Bath mums

Parenting: where is the support?

In April the topic is parenting and how that effects you as a person and as a couple. And at The Tiny Tots we are really lucky that Cindy a Life Coach is coming along. This is Cindy’s own words on why and how. A great thanks to you Cindy. Over to Cindy: Being a parent requires […]

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Fathers in 2014

When I look at fathers in the public domain, it really dawns on me, how far parenting has come. From the strict gender stereotypical approach seen pre 1960s, we are moving towards an equality in regards to parenting. I know equal rights is not 100% there yet. Some feminists would probably jump out of their chair […]

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St. Patrick´s Day

St. Patrick´s Day is not very big in Denmark. Being Danish I really do not understand the way the Irish community is able to keep a tradition alive all over the world. I find it really amazing and I must admit I am a bit jealous. As a Dane I do have one tradition called fastelavn that […]

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