Danish cake

Danish Cakes, more Danish cakes and even more Danish cakes :) The past month I have indulged myself in baking Danish cakes for the mothers of Bath, UK. I love baking and it brings fun and lovely memories back to me and my childhood. I did have to call granny on some occasions – just to insure that I did it the “Danish” way.


Granny Hansen and Danish cakes

I was in Denmark just after New Year where I spent 24 hours at my grannies house and of course there were left-over Christmas biscuits. Phoenix had his first taste of real Danish ones. He soon found out where the tins where hidden -well granny does not really hide them away, they are very visible in see through tins and there is no “only one” at a time rule. I must have gained at least 10 kg in those 24 hours.

My all time favourite is a very traditional huge biscuit that is called “gode raad”. My granny has mastered the skill of baking them to perfection, keeping these delicate biscuits in the typical shape without them crumbling. For more information on southern Jutland my home in Denmark – do take a look ;)


I could sing with your baby

We might in the future do some singing but when we do sing I might appoint an English native speaking person to run those sessions :) Singing the correct English words can be challenging, here is my version of round and round the garden:

Round and round the garden

Like a crocodile

One bite

Two bites

Biting every where

I did find it a very strange song and no wonder Phoenix looks strangely every time I sing. I will spare you for my Baa Baa Black Sheep version. Being a stranger to English children’s songs and rhymes can really challenge any parent but at least we can laugh about it and that is important too.

On the other hand, if I sing with the babies it would give mothers more time to eat cake :)


Hampering and pampering

It is not all about cake – no I really mean it. The cake is very important of course and it would not be a mothers group without it! Over the next couple of months I plan to insure that the cake will be combined with some hampering and pampering – new words to me and thanks to the mothers on Wednesday I know now that it is NOT the same.


Gode raad has to be backed on this kind of pan :)



Danish cake de lux

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