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If you find yourself in need of a pamper and a hairdressing pick me up, I can offer a great deal with Material Hair Salon with childminding by The Tiny Tots. Let me tell you why I recommend it…

Mixed Race Hair

If you do not know me, I will start with describing my hair. It is black (though being a fulltime mother for 20 years is beginning to show), very curly and frankly not tameable. On TV and in magazines people of mixed races seem to always have lovely looking hair which is easy to manage – let me tell you here and now… It is not! OK I admit if I do not have time and get out of bed no one can see if I brushed it or not – that is good and through the years it has saved me some time when I am running late. I suppose if I had all the money in the world, then it would be really easy to manage.

Growing up in Denmark in the 70s, there were not many other mixed raced children and going to a hairdresser was really stressful. The results were always a surprise to myself and the hairdresser too… Sometimes it was good and sometimes really bad – a fringe that was supposed to be just above the eyebrows was instead on the hairline. Needless to say, when I find a hairdresser who is good, I stick with her or him.

I am living in Bath now, on my 5th year and I have gone back to my old bad habits – no hairdresser is touching my hair for more than having the ends cut and even then I am not really relaxing and I can not get out of the salon fast enough.

The push for a hair cut

Trust me when I say that I really needed a haircut; it was really not flattering. It looked very dry and just dull. The final straw was a picture taken playing with Phoenix and at first I actually did not recognise myself – I looked horrible. Old and just like someone that did not care.

Hair needs help

Randy Watson hair :)

At the first Bath Tweet up, I ran into Paul, owner of Material, a new hair salon on Walcot St. We started chatting about having mixed race hair and the sometime tricky job of finding a hairdresser you can trust. I must admit initially I wasn’t totally convinced – but as we talked, I realised on a professional and personal level Paul really knew what he was talking about. I was intrigued and I really needed a haircut. Phoenix was 15 months old at this time and no one had touched my hair throughout the pregnancy or after.

The next day I popped into Material Hair Salon to book an appointment. The first thing I noticed was how modern and calm the salon was. During my consultation, Paul suggested I try a Philip Kingsley Spa Treatment. He explained how it promotes a healthy scalp and gives hair moisture and shine. I agreed and went home a happier woman. The funny thing was that over the next 14 days I was really self-conscious about my hair. I actually counted the days to having it fixed. I had arranged with lovely Rosie to have Phoenix for the day and was actually looking forward to a pampering day.

Material Hair Salon on Walcot St.

When I arrived at the salon the team was ready to great me. I really felt like a VIP. Ohhhhhh I do love Bath when companies take pride in their businesses and treat their customers like VIPs and not just like one in the row.

As he worked Paul explained that both condition and cut were key to getting the best from my hair. He said that now the curls were thoroughly moisturised, cutting my hair shorter and into a strong shape were the best way for my curls to look their best and be very easy to manage.

THANK YOU to Paul and the team at Material, because for the first time in ages I finally feel like a real woman again.

new woman

“Million Dollar Bill”


If you need some pampering (and trust me, every mother does), then I strongly recommend Material, they were able to help me regain faith in my hair. Especially for The Tiny Tots, Paul is offering 20% off an hour’s cut & finish with himself normally £57) while I can provide childcare for up to 2 hours to allow you time all to yourself.



For more information do look at Material Hair Salon website and if you need help with your Tiny Tots please do contact me.

Kindly Jeanette –

or is Whitney back :)





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