The Tea Cup Appeal

For most parents to be pregnant is a happy occasion. Yes all of us that have gone through it are worried what if and with more and more information available one can actually build up a fear.

During pregnancy the NHS provides you with a midwife who is there to guide you and inform you. You have your PG to talk to and there are scans and blood tests. And for the most the pregnancy ends with a health baby. The families talk about nursery, school and the future for their precious child.



For some parents unfortunately this route is not theirs to take. They might at one of the routine scans get a hint that their unborn baby has difficulties. And further test have to be done and they are given the information gently and yet is it really possible to prepare any parent for what is to come? Some families go through the full term of pregnancy and discover soon after their babe is born that additional needs might be there child’s future and for some families it is years of struggle before their child’s additional needs is recognized and acknowledged.


Main stream school

For all of them, regardless Special Educational Needs, they have one thing in common. Main stream school education might not be their child’s future. There child’s special educational needs require a team of specialist that the main stream school might not be able to provide.

When I was worried about my oldest child’s GSCE it was a different problem that she was facing then a child with special educational needs. Where do they go to school, get work experience etc?


The Tea Cup Appeal

In Bath, UK we are very fortunate, we have Three Ways School but, they need our help.

They are raising money for their  Workskills Centre. It is an important part of the students’ future. It will be a café and shop which would give children with special needs a place to train and practise the life skills needed in the future.

What could you do?

Well, I challenge nurseries, playgroups and parents in Bath to donate a penny for every cup of Tea/coffee you drink and let’s see how many of those pennies we can give to the most vulnerable children in Bath.

You say pennies are not much – I say feel free to donate more :)

If you are a company Three Ways School would love to have any donation given to them directly.

You can donate up to £10 by texting CUPT80 £10 (or any amount you wish to donate up to £10) to70070.

For more information on the project please read the tea cup appeal or go to justgiving


At the mothers group I will definitely collect as many pennies as possible and let’s see who in Bath can collect the biggest amount for the children in Bath with special needs that need our help now and in the future.



Jeanette Steinbeck

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