“It is not the weather that is the problem…”

How many times have your parents told you that? Or maybe it’s just a Danish saying. At one time I had the audacity to suggest that we should use an umbrella. The response was “so, someone is made of sugar, hmmm?” with that very raised eyebrow look on her face! My mother never owned an umbrella; in fact I can’t remember anyone having one when I was growing up.

Back then I was so jealous of all the British people I saw in the movies – especially 101 Dalmatians -even in sun shine, the British were allowed to walk with an umbrella. Of course as a child it never occurred to me that the British weather meant that you need an umbrella with you at all times!

Time to find another use for the Umbrella :)

Time to find another use for the Umbrella :)

 First time in England

What was the first thing I bought when I moved to Wimbledon at 17? Yes, an umbrella! Trust me I spent a long time and lots of money on my first ever umbrella. It was like Christmas and I felt very British and very lady like!

Five minutes later I cursed, and my really expensive umbrella became an item of my worst nightmare. I suppose the fact that I never had one before put me at a disadvantage. The wind took it, I bumped into people – uhhh the looks I got – the rain started and stopped, and it was a disaster. My very, very expensive umbrella just did not help and frankly I was not made of sugar, so why bother? Well I was a foreigner and I really wanted to blend in – because I really did that, being a black, Danish speaking 17 year old walking around cursing at my umbrella in Wimbledon in 1989 ;)

Cut to 2009 and I’m back in Britain,

This time it is Bath. I am truly an adult now. I have one child in High school in America and one starting secondary school here in Bath – I am an adult and therefore I will this time approach the umbrella situation differently.

I used the Internet to research my topic, then I bought my second umbrella. This time I did not go for the “I am strolling around the park with my big black umbrella”. Nope it was a “so small it will unfold like a swiss knife” type.

I had done my research. And one day behold it rained enough to actually use it – I did try it a couple of times but trust me the rules of when you use an umbrella in Britain are really strange! WOOOOSH! I was 17-year-old Jeanette again, cursing, swearing, talking in very loud Danish, and throwing the £2.99 umbrella straight in the bin!

Occasionally I buy a new one – always the big long walking stick/umbrella kind. I am drawn to them – they are to me the English ways.

Do I ever use one? Nope! I gave in and got myself a raincoat from the Danish designer IdaT  and Phoenix has his rain set from here to.

I can see the look on peoples faces when I walk with all the rain gear on – and I now I have wellingtons in red too!

I am Danish and no umbrella will ever fit me.

Also, my mothers voice is behind me saying:

“It is not the weather, it is the clothes, and why would you use an umbrella Jeanette? Surely you are not made of sugar!

Kind regard

Jeanette Steinbeck

The Tiny Tot Shop has a small selection of IdaT

Phoenix has his rain set from the Danish designer IdaT and we could go wild together on National Children’s Day UK 2014

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